bye bye baba.

both of my kids went to bed without bottles last night. i bought those nuby thingys that help them transition. kailee is going to be the issue. i made the mistake of waiting until she was attached to her bottle before i tried to take it from her. madelynn likes to eat so much, i could feed her through a funnel and she wouldn't care so she isn't going to have a problem with having her bottle taken from her.

pray kailee will transition quickly and painlessly. haha.

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Rachel said...

The Nuby cups are what did it for Sara. I hope Kailee will be enamored with her new big girl cup!

Valerie said...

wow,thats good.
Good luck with it all. I know it can be a job getting the little ones broke from the bottles.

wemmies said...

Keep showing her and encouraging her with Maddie doing it too.

I love Nuby cups.

Jessica said...

I must try this Nuby cup. I have tried the Gerber ones and another one. What does it look like specifically?

Valerie said...

Yeah,we will soon have the grandbaby to break from the bottle,find a picture and post the Nuby cup if you can, I am curious.