Thelective Lithpth.

If you can figure out that title, you're good.

Kailee has a lisp. It is sooooooo cute. She just started doing it within the past month or 2. She doesn't say all her S's wrong though, which is the reason for my title - Selective Lisp. Haha.

I bought 4 BIG fireworks to shoot off last night because I just didn't feel like doing one of the big assortments like we usually do. We got to the 3rd one and Kailee decided she was done. She held a few sparklers and then we called it a night. We were all really tired. Exciting, huh?

Momma, Kim, Maw Maw, The Yohe's and Autumn will be here in about an hour and a half. They're stopping by on their way back home from FL. They're going to hang out for a little bit and then we'll go to lunch. They can't stay long. Momma said Jeff wants to get home and rest up for his hellfire & brimstone message he's preaching Sunday. LOL!

That's all I got for ya for now. I need to finish getting ready. HOLLAH!

2 folks had something to say.:

Rachel said...

Yay for company for you!!!

You should do a video of Kailee so we can hear the lisp. That is sooo cute! (I got your title right off. Good ol' phonics. LOL!)

Valerie said...

I am glad to read you are having company!

Caleb had and still has a Lateral Lisp and it was a trip trying to understand what he said when he was little,now he stillhas it,but it is not that bad. I thought it was kinda cute.

Hope you have fun with your company today!