frustration, aggravation, sadness, anxiety...

those are all the things i've been feeling this past week. well, more like the past several months. i hope it ends soon.

i haven't felt like blogging much lately. maybe one day soon.

i will be at family retreat this weekend - thank the Lord!

kailee turns 3 next week. on the 3rd. she's so cute. she got her first real haircut monday and she did great. she didn't cry or move. i'll post a picture later today.

just a mini-update about me.

say a prayer for my mom please.

3 folks had something to say.:

Tam said...

I'm SO glad you will be at Family camp this weekend....see ya then!

Kasey said...

I hope you have a absolutely wonderful weekend!!

♥ PaulandGracie =) said...

I hope you have a GREAT weekend, happy birthday to Kailee, and I'm praying!