I never updated about the house.

The house appraised for 1500 above what we wanted. The basement is still unfinished so once it's complete, it should appraise for much more. We are officially debt free, except for our mortgage and car payment. Most people have those though. What a relief!

Kailee's rash went away while we were at the assembly. Now that we are back home, it's flared up again. GRR.

Madelynn is sick. Probably from crawling around on the assembly floor. She has a runny nose. She's cranky and not sleeping well.

My wrist is killing me so I'm keeping this brief. Buh Bye.

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wemmies said...

Hmmm... sounds like a new allergy at the house. Maybe she needs the allergy tests like you had as a kid.

♥ PaulandGracie =) said...

Lucky! I can't wait to be debt free.

I hope your babies get to feeling better!

Rebekah Doran said...

That's great! It is such a good feeling to be debt free! Jacob and I just have our mortgage, but we are going to be looking into getting a newer van soon, so we will have a van payment within the next year.

Hope you figure out what is happening to Kailee soon!

Kasey said...

Being debt free, is soooo freeing. lol Free, freeing, get it.

Netty said...

PS. I read your post on my blog and you are just plain evil. Evil, I tell ya!:0)