Catching Up.

So last week I was in TN and of course, we ended up doing too much. Kailee really enjoyed it though and I'm so glad. She cried Monday morning saying she didn't want to go back home. Ahhhhhh! Makes me sad.

Last night we went to a fall festival for her cousin, Caden's school. I was looking around at all the different people. This world is so sad. Everyone these days just looks so worn down all the time. The kids are awful and it's not their fault really. I wanted to try Kailee in public school but if we can't afford a motessori or private school for her, I am not going to put her in school.

I'm praying we are somewhere that has a better spiritual environment with a children's ministry by then. She is quickly approaching 5 and I have to decide something. I wanted her to be in public school for interaction with kids her age but if we were somewhere with a children's ministry, I wouldn't be as concerned about it.

Help me pray about it.

I'm developing my usual headache so I'm going to end this for now.

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Valerie said...

I know what you mean about the world. Everywhere you look people do look worn down and most of them are. Life is hard sometimes and with the way this world is getting I have a feeling people will look worse than wore down one day..

Sending your kids to school is a scary thing. I think elementary is fine for the little ones, the higher the grade they have to go in, it it worse. I hope something works out for you all before Kailee starts school.

Connie said...

So you think you have problems now with the older girl wanting a different sister. I dare say that if she goes to school it will only get worse.
I remember when Rebekah was in K, 1st, & 2nd grade. My 4 kids had gotten along fairly well, I insisted that they get along. So if they didn't get along, they didn't let me know about it. Well, after she started school, when she came home, she was just in a bad spirit. She would fuss with the boys and just so unlike herself.

Well, when the Lord led us to homeschool her, her whole attitude changed back to the way that she used to be. And Matthew wanted to homeschool too. A little voice told me that I had better homeschool him while he was in the mood, cause if I waited another year or two, I may have a fight on my hands. Thank God, we started Bek in 3rd grade and Matt in 1st grade and the other 3 boys have never stuck their noses in a public school door until they started college classes. God was definitely in charge of leading us this way.
My heart is heavy for my foster boy who is FAE and in 1st grade. I wish so badly that I could homeschool him, but my husband left and I have to work. I don't know what to do. I really need God's help.
Your children will get plenty of socialization from each other and from church friends and cousins or whatever. You may even be able to get in on a homeschool support group where your children can do a few activities together for more socialization.
Coming from a public school teacher, me, I believe that public school kids get TOO much socialization. They are supposed to go to school to learn, NOT to socialize. They can socialize AFTER school hours. How's that???

Vic said...

Erika with the evil of this world, I hate to see you send Kailee to secular school...The homosexual agenda is fierce now and they must teach it in public schools...I know how difficult Kailee can be but to protect her innocence for as long as you can could mean the difference between heaven and hell...Mother's Day out at a church would be so much better...I know it's a difficult decision, but talk to other homeschool Moms...It's not as hard as you think...