More Wedding stuff.

Everytime I decide something, I want to post it. So far, the only thing I've decided on is one bridesmaid. Haha! Sad, I know.

I have quite a few friends but only a few I feel particularly close to so I'm trying to decide who I want to stand next to me on that day.

So far, I have decided to have Emily as a bridesmaid. There is another person I am going to ask to take my Nanny's place. I haven't done so yet but I will soon enough. Amy is going to help me with decorations.

I'm not sure how I'm going to go about this with it being long distance but I know this one thing, I'm thankful for the internet.

Oh yeah! I'm going to wear ivory. A simple but nice ivory dress. David's Bridal has some really nice inexpensive things so as soon as EMILY COMES DOWN and I have someone to watch the kids at the same time, I'm going to hit DB. We'll take pictures of the ones I try on but NOT the one I decide on. =)

Well, I guess I've decided on a few things, not just one.

We haven't decided on a date but since youth conventions/revivals are usually in April, I better save a date soon! I can wait until May if neccessary.

Moving on...

I found the swimming dog Kailee wants for Christmas. I had been to Target once before but didn't see it. I was there again yesterday so Kailee could spend the $30 she had saved up in her piggy bank and I SAW IT! Ahhh! I was so glad!

K, I'm done now.


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Kasey said...

I'm sure your renewal wedding will be beautiful!

Emilou said...

I'm coming ^^ Gimme a minute hehe.