WOOOOOOOOOOO! Tomorrow I am going HOME. YES!

My favorite time to go to TN is during Christmas. The church services, the gift exchanges, the hope of snow. LOVE it!

So... you probably won't hear from me until next week sometime unless I find a chance to get online. Hope everyone has a good week!

OH! and if by chance I don't get to blog again until after Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I leave you with some photos...

5 folks had something to say.:

~Amy said...

Those pictures are just gorgeous. How sweet. And I love the one you picked out for your Christmas card.

Have fun in TN. We're headed that way sometime next week. :D

Merry Christmas.

Vic said...

LOVE both of the pics, but the 2nd one is TOPS!!!!!!!!!!

Emilou said...

ahh, can't wait to see you! Those pictures are adorable ^^

~Chunky Butt~ said...

I love the pics!!
I hope you have a nice trip to TN!
You think i can get one of then there chocolate fried pies..lol

~Chunky Butt~ said...

BTW...i'm back!!
Miss me?