Just in case...

Sorry I haven't been very good at posting. The kids have been soooooooo sick.

It started with Madelynn throwing up, then spread to Kailee. Kailee had it much worse than Maddie. We were up every 10 minutes ALL night long Friday night. It was HORRIBLE! I hope my kids never have to experience the stomach virus again!

The day of the sickness, both of them were very lethargic and just plain yucky. Kailee is NEVER still but she either slept or laid in my lap all day yesterday.

She's moaning while holding on to her trash can right now. Bless her heart. She didn't throw up at all last night, which was great but she must still feel nauseated. She hasn't been able to keep anything down. She did drink some sprite and juice during the night and both have yet to come up. Oh yeah, and she had some chicken noodle soup before bed that didn't come up.

Please pray we are past this. I can't go through with my surgery if I end up catching it and I certainly don't like seeing the girls sick.

The reason for my post is to let you guys know that I probably won't be posting again for quite some time. I don't know how I am going to feel after this surgery or how long my recovery will take. Please pray all goes smoothly.

If by chance something goes wrong, I love each of you VERY much! Don't let my girls forget about me and how much I loved them. Don't let Lance marry someone who won't take good care of my girls. HAHA!

To answer a previous question. Valerie, we aren't sure of the age of the puppy. We're guessing a few months but she already appears to be full grown. If Lance has the papers for her, I'll tell him to check her birthdate. She come from a girl who is addicted to drugs and she is in treatment. We ended up with her because she was passed on to my brother in law. She's been pretty neglected the past couple of days since Lance has worked over-time and the girls have been sick but when we get the chance, she'll be taken to the park to play. She loves the park. She does really good on a leash. She's so funny because she barks at dogs much bigger than her like she's going to eat them up. Wonder what it is about Chihuahuas not realizing that they are merely ankle biters and certainly not the pit bulll that make themselves think they are.

Well, this has turned into a scattered post. O-well. At least I got one in before my surgery.

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Kasey said...

I will be praying for you and your surgery and the familys recovery. This bums me out that you wont be able to post, but I can see why. Recovery takes time. love ya.

Tam said...

as long as we can still text....we will be good, right?! hahahahaha!

i'm praying all goes well!!!

Valerie said...

Everything will be fine with the surgery, don't worry!

I am glad the puppy got a new home, she is cute.

Just post when you feel up to it. Everyone will understand.

Poor kids being sick, I know that is rough. Jacob has had a stomache virus at least 2 times, and I felt so sorry for him. Hope that has passed for your kids.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

carie said...

Hey Erika! I finally got one of these. I just wanted to say that I hope your surgery goes as smoothly as possible and of course we will all be praying for a speedy recovery. If you need any help with the girls afterwards just let me know and I would be glad to help out. I am off work and school every Monday and Wednesday afternoons so just call or something.

Erika J. said...

yay! hey carie! thanks for the offer!

Erika J. said...

boooooooo. i can't read your blog. it's private!