Hello People.

We went back to the Cherry Blossom Festival again last night. I think it was drunken redneck night. Seriously. They have a stage there and different random talents will perform through the week. Last night was apparently country. The guy was a pretty good singer. We stopped by the stage for a few because the girls like to dance around a bit. There was this little black lady there dancing. She was probably 65 or so. She was so cute. She tried dancing with the girls but they weren't interested. They just stared at her. She had some good moves though.

Every once in awhile, a little old black man would pop up there for a dance but I think it was just to hit on the girls. He tried to dance with the little black lady but she just gave him this look like, BACK OFF! Haha!

The best part of it all was our 2nd stroll by the stage. Although the man was drunk, he was HILARIOUS. My camera was dead so I didn't get a picture. I'm bummed. He was dressed in a camo jumpsuit. The little black lady came up to dance with him. As soon as the music stopped, she ran off. Haha! Can't say that I blame her. Unfortunately, she didn't go far enough because he came up to her seat to breathe his strong alchohol breath in her face. There's no telling what he was saying. Oh! They were dancing to BRICK HOUSE! HA! That song was not meant to be country. ICK!

We beat the rain, which was good. I knew that since there was rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, we had better get back over there before it hit. It sprinkled briefly but then stopped. The girls were able to enjoy a few more rides. Lance attempted to win them a few BIG prizes but failed so we got some of those cheapy ones and headed home for the night. I didn't want to miss American Idol. I got here just in time. It had just started!

Kailee needs a potty break. I'll be back to post pictures.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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