So I'm here today without my mom. I could be sad about this but really, I'm grateful. Grateful because we are only seperated by miles.

As Mother's Day approached, I kept thinking of those who do not have their mothers. I kept thinking of those who desire to be mothers but aren't able.

I miss my Nanny but I'm sure Maw Maw misses her even more today.
I miss Brenda (Dupre) but I'm positive I don't miss her near as much as LaDonna and Jacinda do.

Those of you are who aren't able to conceive, LOOK UP! Miracles still happen!
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Life can seem cruel at times but remember to look at the bigger picture. The one that God is painting. The one that, in time, will be finished and beautiful. More than you could ever imagine.

I love you, Mom! I know you'd be here if you could.

Happy Mother's Day to all you hot mommas, potential mommas and mommas at heart!

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Tammi said...

I love your positivity! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Meg said...

thanks for the wonderful encouragement, erika. happy mother's day from a "potential mother" to a "mother of three"

(yes... lance counts!)


Kasey said...

Happy Mother's Day.

Vic said...

This post made me cry...Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

Netty said...

Made me cry too!

LaDonna said...

Thank you Erika for thinking of my mom on Mother's Day. I do miss her more than words can express.