I think I feel like blogging... a little.

Just to recap some things from last year... 2009 for those of you that get a little confused by that. haha. The holidays were really nice. My sister & family came down for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed having all of them here. When they left, it felt wierd to have the house so quiet again.

Christmas was good too. We went to TN the weekend before. Although my weekends there are always hectic, it makes me SO happy to be with my friends & family. I like to be busy and well, Macon, GA just ain't the place to do that. Maybe I will get my 'moving' miracle THIS year. :)

Mom, Dad & Santa were VERY good to Kailee & Madelynn this year. :) Somehow they manage to make the nice list no matter how naughty they are throughout the year.

This was the first year in our entire marriage that Lance actually stayed awake to see the ball drop. HAHAHA! So after kissing our girls & each other, we went to bed. Lame, I know... but so much better than out partying with the crazies of the world.

So far, the new year has been good. Nothing exciting has happened... but nothing bad either. Not for us anyway. We are planning on coming to the youth thingy (not sure if it's a revival or what.) at Antioch Valentine's weekend. Sister Cox is preaching. If you can come, you should. She is SO awesome!!!

Guess that catches everyone up for the most part.
Hope January is being kind to you all!

Until next time...

2 folks had something to say.:

Meg said...

sorry.. as soon as you said "moving miracle" i immediately thought of constipation and.. well, the opposite.

me and my prego braind.

EmJ said...

so. um.
you can't fuss at me for not blogging.. when you don't blog.

i love you. :)