Madelynn's Turn.

Madelynn now has goopy eyes and a runny nose. They doctor has called in the same prescription and eye drops for Madelynn that Kailee is using. Please pray she gets over this quickly.

Kailee is doing better. Her eyes are better but she still has a little bit of a stuffy nose but no more goopy stuff. blah.

Pray for me. I was so sick yesterday that I called my mom crying. It's a shame that I don't live close enough for it to be an easy trip to come help me out. I appreciate my mom for making the trip to help me out when I really need her. Hey, she makes the trip when I don't really need her. haha. Thanks again Momma!

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Yvonne said...

Hey I'm really sorry you been feeling so bad . I'm praying for you and the grils to get well soon. Love you...

Rachel said...

I was hoping Madelynn wasn't going to get it. Brad got it a month ago and we somehow managed to get away without the rest of us getting it.