say a prayer.

Kailee developed some sort of puffy rash across her cheeks and nose Saturday. It's moved into her eyes. Now they're puffy, pink & oozy.

Who knows what it is after being in the kiddie pool with random children every day for over a week. After reading about pink eye, that's what it sounds like but she has a runny nose also.

Guess I'll find out soon. The doc wants to see her at 3. I'll update after we find out. Pray for her. She flips out at the doctor.

Picture for ya...

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Rachel said...

Poor Kailee. Praying.

Valerie said...

Hopefully she will do well at the doctor. I don't think there is any kid that flips out worse than Jacob does. That is always a trip I dred taking. Hope Kailee has a good visit.

probably just a cold in her eye.

~Chunky Butt~ said...

Steven went swimming yesterday and this morning he has red on the inner part of his eye..i put some pink eye relief medicine in his eye, it's still a little pink! The Dr. said try a warm compress, it could be from the pool!
I hope everything goes well at the Dr.!
I'll say a prayer for her!