Thursday 13 - Random things from July 2008

Taken from YellowRose, who took it from Janet, who took it from Dawn.

1) photo of me

This will have to stay blank because I hide from the camera, I don't pose for it.

2) current candle scents: Lance is sensitive to smells so I have alot sitting around but nothing burning.

3) what i am currently reading: Random magazines. Parenting, Baby Talk, People...

4) newest music i added to my playlist: Ummm, not sure. I've been putting alot of kid's songs on the laptop for Kailee to sing & dance to.

5) movies i saw: bits n pieces of Nim's Island.

6) something yummy i made this month: chicken burrito/enchilda thingys.

7) the last place i ate out: The Stacker - new burger joint in town. It was REALLY good.

8.) something that made me cry: life.

9) something that made me laugh: the kids.

10) something i looked forward to this month: not a thing.

11) something i am thankful for: truth.

12) something i want to remember about this month: going to state convention.

13) a photo i took this month:

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Valerie said...

That little Madelynn is so cute!