You're cute but that's enough already!

Madelynn keeps slamming things down on the keyboard. Grr. I take one thing away from her and she finds something else. I just had to edit this post because the last thing she slammed on here caused alot of random typing and published the post.

I just got a call from the nurse at Kailee's pediatric office and they are calling her in something to take by mouth for her itching because she's scratching sores (mostly in her sleep) and they want to see her at 430 tomorrow. Although the rash isn't quite as widespread, it's still there. Her scratching is driving me crazy so it must be annoying to her too.

The lady that did our appraisal last night is hoping to have an answer about the price this evening. Lance did everything but get on his hands and knees trying to find out if she had some sort of ballpark figure in mind. Haha. She wouldn't say anything. We are hoping to close Thursday.

I still have a dull ache in my head. I feel sickly.

Well, Madelynn's wanting me to pick her up and Kailee's ready for lunch. My work is never done.


(Madelynn just slammed her hand down on my keyboard and erased my whole post. Thank the Lord for 'ctrl Z'!)

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Netty said...

I love oyu skinny britches! ;0)

Valerie said...

lol, Madelynn wants to play on the computer..

They still dont know what Kailee's rash is? Poor thing, I know that has got to be aggravating.