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Yes, I know I'm behind.

1) I'm terrified of storms. I know just about everything there is to know about weather because I would obsessively watch it as a child. I'm not so bad now.

2) I have pencil lead in my knee from like 15+ years ago.

3) When I'm away from Macon, it makes me sick to think of going back.

4) I'm starting to think my depression issues are circumstantial and not chemical.

5) I don't like myself very much.

6) I feel like people stare at me, looking for a hair out of place or an eyebrow unplucked or something else related to my appearance.

7) I'm risking burning soup so I can get this finished.

8) I like to do things in an orderly fashion. If you try to sidetrack me, I get stressed.

9) Clutter drives me insane but I feel like I never have time to get things organized.

10) I think I could sit in one spot all day without moving to do anything other than go to the restroom and eat.

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Rachel said...

1) I love storms, but only thunderstorms. And ONLY if I'm indoors.

3)Praying there will be something there soon to make you love home.

4) I agree.

5) How could you not like yourself? Everybody knows you're the coolest!

6) Do you stare at other people?(*needs to groom myself* LOL!)

Valerie said...

Glad you finally Blogged!

Netty said...

I love ya just like you are! Your just right to be my friend!:0)

Kasey said...

#4 I think is most cases...Have you tried going outside? I know it sounds weird, and in the south its sooo humid, but when I am sad and down, and I go out in my back yard here..its pretty much instantly lifts my spirits. God's creation totally makes me happy.

#6...I don't think I have EVER seen you not put together. Your hair is always done and looking nice.

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