Happy Anniversary to US.

Yesterday was mine and Lance's anniversary. We SO old and boring. The only thing we could think to do is eat. Haha! We were so exhausted. I asked him if we could just go somewhere and sleep. How sad is that?

We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant and then headed to Kohls. I grabbed a few fall/winter outfits for the kids. I also found the caninster set that matches my dishes for 60% off! YEAH! I also added to my dish set. Now instead of a 4 place setting, we have 6. Those were also 60% off.

We hit a few more shops and got a shaved ice and then decided we would go home and play with the kids.

Ahhhhhhh, parenthood.

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Kasey said...

I meant to tell you Happy Anniversary....was online and everything...then forgot. Im so sorry. Happy late annivesary. Life moves so fast.

Valerie said...

Sounds like you two had a pretty good time out on your anniversary.

Ate then shopping..Sounds good to me..lol

Parenthood,yeah..everything changes when you become a parent.

Tam said...

I love Kohls....went there myself this weekend.