Mixed Emotions...

This morning was so gloomy. My room was nice and dark. We all slept in until almost noon. I LOVE when that happens.

I had some things to do today but didn't get to because it was pouring down rain. I had a pond in my front yard and a river going down my driveway.

I haven't felt so great today. Sinus stuff I guess. I've had a headache for a few days now and my ear is bothering me. Not an earache. Just some popping/rattling stuff going on. I had this problem when Kailee was a baby and it went away. Now it's back again. Phone ringing, kid crying, water running, hairdryer blowing -- it all makes me feel like my eardrum is rattling. Crazy, I KNOW! Make it go away again!

I get to go home tomorrow. I'm excited. I haven't been since April.

I get to go home tomorrow. I'm aggravated. I won't have the chance to spend time with everyone I want to spend time with.

I get to go home tomorrow. I'm glad because I get to see people I haven't seen in several months but when I have to leave Monday morning, my sadness starts all over again.

It's bittersweet.

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Valerie said...

I think it is something going on around, not sure what though. My nose has been stopped up and runny at the same time. My left ear has been acting weird..Yesterday I sat on the couch watching tv and my ear popped about 15 times, kinda strange it pops and it acts stopped up also. Not sure if it is sinus or not.

I hope you have fun on your trip home..Just make the best of it and visit who you can and those you can't visit have them come to you.

It will be fun getting out of the house and head to Tennersee,yall have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves!

Stew's Blessing said...

Praying that you have a good safe trip, and enjoy all you can! praying and believing for you and yours.
Love ya

Amanda Bull said...

I hope you have a great trip! Please try not to be so disappointed that you won't get to spend any time with me - I'm not holding it against you :)

~Amy said...

Hope your trip was good. I remember feeling that way when I was first married. We lived in GA and my family was in MO. It was difficult to get back home and when we did, it was impossible to see everybody. After a while, we started thinking, you know, we've driven all this way ... so why can't they drive just a little ways to see us? What we did was plan a dinner at a restaurant that was as central to everybody we wanted to see as possible and asked them to come to it. It worked for most and we got to see a lot more people that way. It wasn't as quality time as what we would've liked, but I guess everything can't be perfect. Better than nothing anyway. ;-)