Total Devastation

Yesterday afternoon, after I got home from the dermatologist, which I will explain later, I asked Kailee if she wanted to go to chickfila. Of course, she did so off we went. There ended up being no kids there and I could tell she was bored. Lance asked if she wanted to go to Kangaroo Bob's and of course, she did so off we went. We pull into the parking lots and BOB'S IS GONE! Talk about devastation. She cried and cried and cried. Lance and I were trying to come up with something else that might be just as exciting but nothing was working. She finally agreed to go to Barnes & Noble. After Barnes & Noble, we took her to the nearby fountain to throw change in. Could someone please send out a flyer the next time you're going to shut down a child's favorite place to go?!!!

On to the dermatologist. I'm sure most of you have noticed the pink mole thingy on my chest. It's not really a mole, it's a cluster of blood vessels that have come to the surface, but it's easier to say mole. Anyway, I hated that thing with a passion. It was ugly and I was tired of looking at it. I felt like everyone else was staring at it and the kids wanted to pick at it so I was ready for it to go! That's exactly what I did yesterday. I had it removed. The dermatologist asked me why I wanted to have it taken it off and I told him it was because it's an eye sore. He said it would probably leave a small scar. I told him I'd rather have a small scar than a pink mole on my chest. He said 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?!' HAHA! He told me if he lasered it off, it would be cosemtic and my insurance wouldn't cover it but if he cut it off and sent it off for a biopsy as if something were wrong with it, my insurance would cover it so that's what he did. He said he was very impressed with the way it turned out and that I probably wouldn't end up with a scar like he thought. Yay for no more pink moles! LOL!

Anyway, enough about my skin issues.

*Edit: I thought of 2 more fears to add to my 10 on Tuesday from yesterday so check them out if you want.

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Vic said...

Poor Kailee...

Valerie said...

Kangaroo Bob's was gone? wow! Them fun places never stay around long. Now you will have to look for another fun place to go. You would have thought they would have posted they were moving,closing or something..How Rude!

Glad you got the mole taken care of if it really bothered you. I have the mole on my face that is HUGE and everyone tells me to go have it taken off, but I figured I am 36 and it has not bothered me this long, so it is staying. Funny though, cause little kids will come up to me and stare at the mole and I wait until they are fully into the stare and I turn really quick and say "boo" to them..lol

It is funny..

Caetie said...

Valerie thats mean! LOL! But still funny!

I liked Kangaroo Bob's
I'd cry too...