2 things.

Lance has decided to wait until this evening to go to the hospital. There is a doctor that comes to see the residents where he works so he is going to wait until he is on call before he has his knee checked so that he can get him to look at it.

I have decided to go through with my elbow replacement. It didn't sound as bad as everyone else has made it seem. It's not as invasive as I expected. It is also an out-patient surgery. The only thing I think will be an issue is that I cannot pick up more than 5 pounds for the rest of my life. Crazy, huh? I will set a date after the 1st of the year.

2 folks had something to say.:

Valerie said...

Keep us posted about Lance, I am curious..

now, about your elbow..Is it both of them or just one elbow? Did they say you would not be able to pick up anything over 5 pounds ever or is that what you are thinking.

Erika J. said...

just my right elbow.

they said i wont be able to pick up anything over 5 lbs. ever - after the surgery.