Pray for Lance.

Lance's knee started giving him trouble last week. It started turning red and he said it felt like a boil. It has slowly gotten stiff, swollen and more red. The redness is spreading down his leg. From what I've seen on the internet, it looks similar to a staph infection. He's going to the med center in the morning. Please pray that everything is okay. Staph infections are very serious. His family has him paranoid about it. His brother in law had cellulitis once and by the time he went to the doctor about it, it was almost too late. They said if he had waited any longer, he could've lost his leg.

With him working in a nursing home, he is suseptible to quite a bit. He has psoriasis pretty bad on his knee and he is constantly picking at it so there's no telling what he has opened his knee up to.

He just said he has chills.

Lance is taking anti-biotics already but his knee is still gradually getting worse.

I'll let you guys know what they say tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers!

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Karen said...

I am praying.

Kasey said...

I will be praying for him. Tell him to take care of himself!

P♥G said...

I'm praying too! I hope everything is ok..

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Valerie said...

That sounds like staph something. Mama got a spot come up on her and she thought it was a boil and it got really red and it started spreading a little, then she went to the doctor and they lanced it and she was on like 3 different anti-biotics and it cleared up. Now just last week she had another one come up in a different place, she is on the meds again. She dont know why and how they keep coming up..I hope Lance feels better and it be nothing serious.