2nd wedding thoughts.

It will be in TN for sure.

At first I was thinking Antioch but then I thought the colors I want to use won't look too great with that carpet.

Then I thought Kim's backyard but then Lance said he wasn't too keen on the idea and you have to worry about weather, of course. If it rains, I know that all those people are not going to fit in Kim's house. I also don't want to have to rent chairs.

So I'm kind of tossing around some ideas right now.`

You guys might think I'm crazy for attempting a 2nd wedding because 5 years really isn't THAT long but this day and age, it really is a very long time.

Plus, it gives me something exciting to do and look forward to while living in boringville.

I'm not sure if we will wait until October due to the weather risk. I'm thinking Spring, around my birthday. We'll see. It rains quite often in April so I don't know.

I want to work with my favorite colors. Orange and Red. Specifically burnt orange and scarlet red. If we have it in spring, I'll try to mix in some springy colors.

I'm going to have a maid of honor and bridesmaids. People who I have felt have stood by me in the past couple of years. Like I said in my previous post, I miss my Nanny and wish she could be here to attend! She would definitely be my maid of honor again.

I hope that there are a few people out there ready to pay for bridesmaid dresses. HAHA!

Ahh yes and then the tux thing. There will be groomsmen, flower girls, a child bride, bible bearer, etc. Please tell me that it is a known fact that the people in the bridal party pay for these things. =0)

Aaaaaaaanyway. I'm excited!

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Valerie said...

You are right, 5 years is a long time to be with the same person these days..I think it will be neat looking with the colors you have added..

Amanda Bull said...

I have paid for every bridesmaids dress I have ever worn. Caleb has been in 2 weddings and I have had to pay for his stuff, too. Your colors are beautiful.

Tammi said...

Your colors are gorgeous. Bridal etiquette is this: if the bride and groom pay for the dresses/tuxes then they don't give gifts to their bridal party; if the bridal party pays for their attire, then the bride and groom purchase small gifts for each one to show their appreciation for them participating in the wedding.

Tam said...

I'm glad you have this to be excited about. You DESERVE it!!!

Jared said...

Zion Hills Carpet is bright red LOL