Yes, I know it's been awhile.

Let's see if I can remember the last 10 days.

Umm, yeah, not gonna happen.

I've been to the dentist. Got half of my feelings done. Ended up with a completely rotten tooth that she filled but it eventually needs to come out. It isn't bothering me now and it never bothered me before so I'm just going to wait it out.

I've been to the doctor about my elbow. I go back this friday for a visit with another doctor that specializes in more arthritic type problems. The doctor I saw last friday said that I'm probably going to end up having a joint replacement. He said it really has nothing to do with me being young but the condition of my joint. Fun stuff I tell ya!

I hurt my back last Thursday bending over changing Madelynn's diaper. A sharp paint went from one side of my lower back to the other. I started seeing black spots and felt very nauseated and dizzy. I laid down briefly and when I felt like I could get up, I hobbled over to the recliner and stayed there as much as I possibly could the remainder of the day. Momma popped in for a visit that evening and has been here ever since. She said she felt like she needed to come and for that, I'm grateful. Thanks mom!

My back is much better today but I'm still going into the doctor at 130. I have a follow up appointment on Monday for some meds I'm taking and instead of going in on Monday, I'm just to go in today and see if she'll give me something for my back because I took extra of what I take for my arthritis and I don't want to run out before I can fill it again.

Madelynn has an appointment tomorrow for shots. She's behind. She's cut 2 more teeth in the last couple of weeks so she's been kinda grouchy and not sleeping well. She's picked up a few more words here lately. She is so funny!

Kailee had an appointment for shots on the 26th but I rescheduled because I didn't want her to be cranky on Thanksgiving. The mere mention of a doctor and she freaks out. Poor child. Madelynn didn't even flinch when she had her last shot. They are SO different.

I've been driving my car around with what I thought was the new tag, only to find out that I'm actually driving the car around with the Durango tag. The carlot SAID that they added my tag into the price of my car but they didn't after all, which left us thinking we would be receiving the new tag in the mail and we actually were waiting for something that wasn't coming. That also meant that the tax commissioner office was adding late fees onto my car tag we were supposed to be picking up but knew nothing about. When we finally realized the error, it was too late. Lance has called the carlot and the tax commissioner's office and they said if we had figured it out 3 weeks ago, they could've waived the late fees but it's too late now and we have to pay almost $300 for my tags! UGH!

Changing subjects yet again. We have rats. Lance has killed 4. We hope that's all but I highly doubt it. We have been hearing scratching in the attic above the living room. We thought it might be a squirrell but nope, it's a nasty rat. Lance killed 2 rats last winter and we never saw another sign of them again but now that it's cold weather again, they're trying to come back in. ICK! Hopefully we have that problem taken care of soon.

One last thing, Lance and I are renewing our vows next year. It's going to be like a 2nd wedding because there were alot of people that didn't get to attend our first one and due to us planning it in a week, there were alot of things I want to do differently so I'm taking advantage of our 5 year anniversary and having the wedding that I wanted. Well, close to it. It's going to be nicer but I'm still going to try to keep it as cheap as possible. So, if you think you'd attend, please let me know! It will be in TN this time and I want all my friends & family to come! I'm excited! Too bad my Nanny can't be my maid of honor again. =0(

Well, enough from me. I have to hop in the shower and start getting ready for my doctor appointment.

Hope everyone is having a good week. HOLLAH!

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Rachel said...

I'll be there if I can squeeze you in! We'll see.

Valerie said...

wow,alot had went on in 10 days huh?

Rats..eww! Out in our house on 28th street all the field mice from behind the house thought it would be a good idea to come in every winter.They were so cute, but I had to get rid of them. I would have had a fit it were rats though, they are bigger..lol

I sure hope your body gets better. I hate you are having troubles with your joints and body aches. Wished there was something I could do.

My kids were like day and night when it came to seeing the doctor. The first 2 did not mind, but poor little Jacob cried just hearing his doctors name..

Emilou said...

I'm totally there and will love to help in any way possible. Although I'm not sure how helpful I can be...I've never really helped in planning. That's exciting though! I can't believe it will be five years...crazy how quickly time goes by.

Erika J. said...

funny rachel.

val, i want you at the vow renewel too!

em, thanks so much!

Amanda Bull said...

A second wedding! How fun!!

BTW - just wanted you to know that I pray for you all the time. Love ya, girl.

Tammi said...

Hey Lady! Just checking in to see how you are feeling. You're in our prayers. Love ya!

Kasey said...

I wish your Nanny could be there for you too, and that Damon could be there with the camera in your face asking you silly questions like he was last time. I know it will be beautiful, and Lord willing, I will be there.

Tam said...

YAH! I'm assuming it will be at Antioch?

LaDonna said...

I'd love to come, Erika. I woke up this morning and my back was killing me; I did something to hurt it yesterday - don't even know what. I immediately thought of you and how much pain you suffer on a daily basis, and I said a prayer for you. At least I know my pain will go away in a few days. I love you and look forward to your wedding!!