Soup Days

As the weather gets cooler, the more I crave soup.

Tonight I made homemade chicken noodle soup and hot fudge cake.I cheated on the hot fudge cake. Betty Crocker has a hot fudge cake kit.It has everything in it that you need. All you do is add a cup of water and follow the instructions. It is SOOOOOO good. As good as Shoney's. Actually, I think it's better.

Yesterday we left the house around 12 and didn't come home until around 6pm. We took the kids to see Madagascar 2. I wondered how they would do. They lasted through all of it but the last 20 minutes. We left because Madelynn started crying and we didn't want to disturb anyone else trying to enjoy the movie. Lance and I were kind of disappointed because we were enjoying it. Haha! It's a funny/cute movie.

After the movie, we grabbed some pizza and then headed over to a park. When I say park, I mean pretty trees, a stream and benches. Alot of people go their to take family photos and prom pictures. We took the kids over there to take their picture. After we disappointed Kailee with that park, we took her to a REAL park. HAHA! This one actually had a playground.

After the playground, we headed to walmart. Kailee is just as happy to go to walmart as she is the park. They have a carousel and we cannot leave until she gets to ride the carousel.

Once we got home, Lance grilled some hot dogs for dinner and we just hung out. We put the kids to bed around 9. Well, not just the kids since Lance fell asleep too! I hung out in the livingroom for a little bit and then headed to bed myself. I could already tell it was going to be a rough night because although should've been sleepy, I wasnt. Madelynn had already woken up 3 times as well so SOMETHING was bugging her. I don't know if she felt my restlessness or what but she woke up about 10 times last night. I was so exhausted this morning.

We went to church, ate lunch with the inlaws, went to Ross where Lance stocked up on stuff to make baskets for the holiday season. He's really good at things like that so if you want to buy one/some, let us know! The baskets are really cute and he's going to put things like candles, lotion, etc. in there. I looked for some sweaters while at Ross but had no luck. I went over to Cato to do the same and while I found some things on clearance, they weren't long sleeved. Grr. O-well. I'll check Old Navy next.

After all of that, we came home and napped. I think I could've slept through till the next morning.

I suppose that's all the useless information I have for now.
Have a good week!

6 folks had something to say.:

Tam said...

I love soup this time of the year too (i think most people do)
Chili, potato soup, veggie soup....yum yum!

Vic said...

I made vegatable beef soup Saturday and I am going to make potato maybe today...Love soup this time of the year!

wemmies said...

I've had tomato soup and potato soup several times in the past week. And we are going to have vegetable beef for dinner Thursday.

Valerie said...

Jacob has been wanting me to make Beef Vegetable soup. He will eat and eat that soup,we all eat soup good on the cold nights.

Sounds like you all had a very busy day.

P♥G said...

I would LOVE potato soup right now... That sounds so good!

wemmies said...

*cough cough*

Where's my bowl?