ALMOST done.

This year, Kailee has asked for a specific toy for Christmas. It just so happens to be a toy everyone is sold out of. UGH! I am done shopping for Kailee after I find that specific toy. Well, I say I'm done but I always manage to buy little things here and there up until Christmas.

I am so bad at the whole present thing. I hate shopping early but I don't want to get in the Christmas rush later either. Since I've bought things early, I'm itching to give them to the kids. I think I'll survive though. It might get harder once they're wrapped and put under the tree.

Momma, Maw Maw & Kim are coming here for Thanksgiving. I'm really excited! Maw Maw is going to cook, which I am looking forward to! Kim, Lance & I will be waking up early to go to Black Friday sales. I am so thankful for family that I can be with and be at peace, no turmoil and enjoy their company. Ahhh, I'm looking forward to it!

Anywho, it's kinda late and I'm tired. I did a little shopping today and ran some errands. Once I got home, we left again to take Kailee & Madelynn to play at Mcdonald's. I'm ready for bed! Goodnite Everyone!

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Valerie said...

Aww, I remember buying Christmas gifts for the kids early and it really bothered me to no end cause I wanted to go on ahead and give it to them..lol I know that feeling to well.

Good you have already bought Christmas, I have not even got started and with the layoff, I really don't see much shopping getting done.

Happy you are having company for Thanksgiving, that should be fun!
I can't wait to cook and eat! Yummy

Tam said...

I'm SO happy that your mom, Kim and MawMaw will be there for Thanksgiving! I'm SO glad you will be with your family. I hope you have a GREAT one! Like I said before....YOU DESERVE IT!!!!