Funny Girl

Me: Kailee, if you don't stop, I'm going to tell Santa you're being not nice.
Kailee: Oh, he's going to be SO mad at me!

*riding in the car to see Santa*
Kailee: Mom, don't tell Santa I've been bad, okay??

*seeing Santa*
Santa: Have you been a good girl this year?
Kailee: silence

5 folks had something to say.:

Tam said...

SO cute!....memories!

Vic said...

Man I messed that story up completely...Goes to show you I can no longer do 2 things at the same time well...I used to multi-task with no problemo, but now I am lucky to do one thing well...I was eating when you called and I totally messed this story up on facebook...Too cute anyway!!!!! She is absolutely too smart for her own good...

Rebekah Doran said...

Ha ha!

Valerie said...

LOL!! That is so cute!

~Amy said...

Too cute. HA!