Stolen from Valerie

If you had to choose between being deaf or blind which would you choose and why? deaf. it would be easier to learn to read lips than try to find my way around places. plus, i'd never get to see the beautiful faces of my children. there is something nice about being blind... learning to appreciate things through your other senses. people tend to take their site for granted and pick apart appearances in ways God never intended.

If you were to die tomorrow, what would your tombstone say? I'm not sure. I'm tossing around the cremation idea. I suppose if I had a tombstone, it would say 'I've fought the good fight! I've finished my course! I'm going to get my crown!'

If you could perform in the Olympics, what would you like to do? i was always the fastest runner in school up until junior high so i'd say track. although, my RA would be an issue now.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life in love with a rich person or a poor person? If I'm really in love, than rich. There's alot of stress that comes with financial issues. If the poor person had their priorities in order and loved me, then I'd accept that too.

It’s Saturday morning. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? same thing I do the rest of the week. make sure the kids are taken care of. Then i'd locate Lance and find out what the plans are for the day.

If you could erase one day in history which one would it be and why? the day my Nanny suffered the most.

If we Googled your name what would we see? lemme check.... some skanky looking celebrity.

If you could live in any sitcom, what would it be? i always like family matters.

Which way do you eat corn on the cob? I cut it off the cob. I can't handle it getting stuck in my teeth.

What is something unexpected that has changed about you in the last few years? I'm a mom! I never planned/expected to have children.

Would you ever loan a significant amount of money to a friend/relative? Why or why not? Depends on what it's for and who it is.

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