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So I've been tossing around some ideas. Things to do with my spare time and try to semi-enjoy living here. I've tried Melaleuca but the cost was more than I thought it would be and you can only buy so many cleaning products a month, right? Especially since you can dilute one shipment of cleaner and make FOUR bottles of cleaner.

Since my BFF, Grace has gotten involved with Avon and I browsed her page and asked a couple of questions, it really sounds like a cool way to entertain myself. It's inexpensive for me and everyone else too. I saw some GREAT deals on their website. Seriously. Things as cheap as 1.99! Can't beat that! I know that Maw Maw/my grandmother likes Avon and I can host parties when I come up to TN.

Would any of you be interested in it? Check out Grace's site and see what you think! If you see anything you want to order NOW, it definitely won't hurt my feelings. I'd be happy to help Grace out with building her business so go ahead, LOOK! http://www.youravon.com/gracealexander

Another thing is photography. I'd really like to get more involved in it. I'd love to set up photo shoots. You guys are always so nice about mine and Lance's photography and it'd be great to make a little dough off of it. So again, would you all be interested in photo shoots? It would definitely be reasonable since alot of you are close friends of ours. And of course, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement so if you guys like your pictures, you could tell your friends and we could build our business that way.

I've GOT to do something with myself. I need the support of friends and family though because I live somewhere where I don't have either.

Leave LOTS of comments. :)

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Karen said...

try this. www.mythirtyone.com/kblackwood

Its a christian based company out of Chattanooga. "Thirty-One" comes from Proverbs 31.

Gracie said...

Both sound like great ideas! Why not try both??

Kasey said...

I think you should find a niche in photography. Have a specialty, and market it. You have talent...:)

Kasey said...

oh, and put your photos on craigslist..

Jessica said...

I think you should try photography too. You're great at it!

I sell Avon! It's fun. I haven't really worked my business that hard yet. But it is fun.

Valerie said...

Avon has good deals at times. That might not be a bad idea. This woman at school sells Avon and enjoys it a lot.

The pic of Kailee on here is cute!

Katie said...

hey Erika, i found this on Craig's list, might be a way to get some business....sis katie