Well, looky here.

Since I've had a few people comment lately that I need to get back on the blogging bandwagon, I thought I'd do an update.

Nothing too awfully exciting to report. We've made it through the first few weeks of the new year without any major catastrophies so we're blessed! Those of you who have children know that if nothing has been broken, dented or scribbled on, life is good. HA!

So, anyway, let's see if I can come up with something worth reading.



NOPE! You'll just have read the same ol' boring stuff I was posting before.

Let's get started.

I am loving my Wii more than I thought possible. I have always had the latest gaming system but once we had children, we just didn't have time for it anymore. Not to mention the fact that my children have damaged my equilibrium and it's a little, okay, ALOT off. So, typically alot of the games make me extremely nauseated. The more advanced it is, the more I want to hurl. It has something to do with the background spinning around. If I can focus on my character and not pay so much attention to the background (which is hard, btw), I can usually play for awhile but before too long, it just gets to be a hassle and I quit. So far, I have had no issues with the Wii whatsoever.

Those of you that have access to my facebook status know that we've been looking for WiiFit. My dad said he would buy it for me ($90!) so I jumped right on that. I called EVERYWHERE. That's no exaggeration. Walmart, Kmart, Target, Sam's, Gamestop & Best Buy. No one had it. Of course, they tell you that they will be getting some in but they never know when and supplies are always limited. When we were at Walmart this past weekend, we asked the electronics associate about the next shipment, and as I stated previously, they have no clue when they're getting them in. She also said they would only be getting 3 at a time. GRR! When I called Sams's, they said they were expecting a shipment of 5 but again, they didn't know when they would arrive. UGH! I had a prescription that needed to be picked up at Walmart yesterday (which ended up being 40 instead of 75, Momma!) so I told Lance to look for it again. When the kids and I got up from our nap, Lance was cooking. Sweet, huh?! I asked him if he found WiiFit and he said 'What do you think?!' I told him that I need to call Sam's again then. As I was sitting in the livingroom eating and feeding Madelynn, I heard him tell Kailee he had a surprise to show her. I thought he had bought another toy for her. Kailee came down the hallway and said 'Mom, close your eyes!' so I did and when I opened them, I had a WIIFIT! WOOHOO! Lance said Walmart had gotten 20 in! COOL!

Once we were finished eating (spaghetti, in case you're wondering), we started setting it up. It takes your weight, BMI and checks your balance. I told Lance he was NOT allowed to comment on my current weight. It's been several months since I've weighed myself and between boredom and pain meds, I tend to munch alot. I thought for sure I weighed more than I have in quite some time. Lance guessed a weight, which was 10 pounds more than what I guessed for myself. What a guy! GRR! As I stepped on to the board, I cringed. I just knew I was going to be depressed the rest of the evening. Sure enough, I'm a fatty but get this! I weigh 9 pounds less than what I expected and 19 pounds less than what Lance expected so no depression here. WOO! That makes my goal weight loss at 31 pounds. That's a short term goal of course. I would be comfortable being that weight but would be happy losing more. Unfortunately, WiiFit will only let you choose up to 22 pounds to lose but I can reset it later. If I lose 31 pounds, I will weigh what I did when I got married, which is what I weighed in 5th grade! Can you believe that?! When I was 16 years old, I weighed 275 pounds! WOOWEE!

Okay, I am totally rambling. Moving on. I love WiiFit! I don't care too much for the yoga stuff and I fumble through the aerobics but the balance training is so cool! Soccer is one of my favorites! I really like hoolahoop too. It's killer. The longer you play, the more games you can access. If you hoolahoop a couple of times at the beginner level, it opens up the advanced level. You definitely feel a workout on that one! It's HILARIOUS to watch Lance hoolahoop. The game tells you to move your hips in large, smooth circular motions. Lance wasn't limber until he started virtual hoolahooping. HA! I totally smoked him in it. It keeps up with how many times you hoolahooped and I definitely topped his score. He is waaaaaay better than me at soccer though. If you have a Wii but don't have WiiFit, you totally need to get it. Some of the things you do, you wouldn't think you would get a workout from but you totally do and it's fun. We spent hours playing last night.

I was wondering though. Can I take off a few pounds since I weighed myself at night after eating spaghetti? HAHA!

Monday afternoon, Momma was dropped off by the Campbell's who were in town apartment hunting. In case you didn't know, they are moving to Macon. It's just for 6 months. If they are led to stay after the 6 months then they will but right now, they are just committing to a 6 month lease. So while they were out apartment hunting, Momma hung out with us. When Lance came home, we went to eat dinner at Logan's. We had planned to eat with the Campbell's but they were trying to make their rounds to as many apartment complexes as they could before the offices closed at 5. We all finally made it back to our house where we chatted and watched Brother Jerry try to stay awake as long as he possibly could. We talked Viv into bowling on the Wii and after her first attempt, which was a strike, she was hooked. She was actually pretty good at it. Momma & the Campbell's left early yesterday afternoon after Bro. Jerry was finished with some church business.

This post turned out to be more lengthy than I expected. If you made it through, I'm sorry for the rambling. Haha. You asked for it though.

Madelynn has just taken her diaper off so I have to go find another one. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday! I'm planning on it!


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Vic said...

Yay for a great post!!!!

Valerie said...

I agree! YAY!!
I think the Wiifit would be kinda neat.

You weighed what at what age? ok, i thought it said you weighed 275 in the 5th grade..oops!

Tam said...

Glad your back!

I'm very excited for you and the WiiFit. Keep it up. It will be VERY good for you!
And, yes, you can for sure take about 2 pounds off for the spahgetti and clothing. So, GO ERIKA!!!

Tammi said...

Sounds like a lot of fun...my sister got one for Christmas, maybe I'll try her's out to see if I like it or not...for now...it is the exercise bike for me.

BTW...the post was NOT boring...thanks for sharing. ~grin~

Emmy said...


i might have been bored, but that was DEF worth the read.

now i want a wii.
and a wiifit.

i need a JOB.

Erika J. said...

Thanks to each of you for being so kind and not falling asleep during my post and drooling in your keyboard. haha!

Sorry for the confusion Valerie. When I read back through it, it does look kinda confusing.

My weight when I got married was what I weighed at the age of 11, in the 5th grade.

My highest weight was at age 16 and I topped out at 275. Got that?

Kasey said...

Yay for wii fit!! and..not boring.

Rebekah Doran said...

That Wii Fit sounds like alot of fun. Glad that you are enjoying it and that it is not making you sick.

Katie said...

glad you are back i have missed your posts. Ask kasey about me and the soccer, Wii Fit....Or Em! I get hit more in the head with shoes and panda's than i hit soccer balls, then i laugh so hard i almost wet myself.....again glad you are back...katie in idaho

~Chunky Butt~ said...

I enjoyed this post!!
I have a Wii, so I'm DEF gonna have to get a WiiFit cuz i need to lose some pounds, too..lol