Yes, I know I never took a picture of the back of my hair. I haven't felt like it. I will eventually get around to it.

I went to my pre-op this morning. I had to sign a paper saying that I understood that I could bleed to death, have seizures and all other sorts of crazy stuff. I looked at the lady and said, 'Uh, nevermind.' HAHA!

They will call me next Monday and tell me what time I need to be there Tuesday. I will have a block in my arm to numb it and I will also be put to sleep. I will come home with a Morphine pump for 24 hours and then a nurse will come and take it all out and give me pain medication. I have to wear a sling for 2 weeks and keep my arm covered while in the shower until I have my sutures taken out.

I still can't believe I'm about to have a major surgery. UGH! Please pray for me. I have a feeling I may panic when I get there. Haha.

Anyway, backtracking.

Lance and I went out Friday the 13th instead of Valentine's Day. We went to Longhorn. It was soooooooooo good. Next time you go there, try the Redrock Grilled Shrimp. YUM! Afterwards, we shopped a little. We bought the girls some things. Lance had already given me my gift a couple of weeks before. He got me a new laptop. My other one was acting a little crazy and we had to send it off to HP. I wanted a Sony anyway so he got me one. He hasn't gotten his gift yet but hopefully, it's on it's way.

Nothing else to report. OH WAIT! The girls got a puppy for Valentine's Day. She is so cute and sweet. It's a chihuahua. She's registered but we didn't have to pay for her. She came from a friend of the family. She's a few months old and she's a very good dog. She's really smart too. We all really like it. I thought Kailee might not be able to have a puppy right now cause she can be pretty rough but so far, she's done really good. She came with the name Chloe, which I think is pretty cute so I'm not going to change it.

Okay, well, enough from me. I'll try to get some pictures up soon since I haven't put anything on here in awhile.

Have a good day!

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marshasblog said...

I will be praying for you and that you have a safe surgery...I can imagine it is very nerve racking..and very scary..I've never had a surgery..but the thought of it scares me to death!! So you are definitely in my prayers.

We had a long haired Chihuahua..I had him for 10 years...He was my little sweetheart..I actually had him before I had my husband..LOL!! He passed away of cancer a few years ago...He was wonderful..and a very GOOD watch dog..LOL!! I'm sure your girls will love him/her for years to come.

Valerie said...

Now you know the back of your hair will grow out by the time you take a pic and post it..lol I am kidding, I can pretty much figure out what it looks like.

Longhorn, I love that place! I went there on my last birthday and it was good!

Surgery sounds scary, but everything will be fine. You should not worry that much.

Valerie said...

Oh, and I love the puppy name..Post pics of it soon, I would like to see it.

Stew's Blessing said...

Praying for your surgery, that all will go well and be well for you and your family. blessings.....