New Frames!

I love my new glasses!

Trying to get the glare to go away.

Different angel.

Kailee wanted to try them out.

Lance's turn. Haha!

We tried to get Maddie in on the action. She wouldn't be still.

Looks better, yes?

4 folks had something to say.:

ღ.Gracie.ღ said...

I LOVE your new glasses! They look so great!

Your elbow is looking better. =]

Valerie said...

They don't look orange, but I like them. I want some like that. The whole things one piece. The kids wearing them are cute!

I don't know who that was who passed away, but Frank was talking about it too! I am about to go google it and find out. You never know when God will take you out of this world. Strange how that happens. Frank's mom woke up that morning feeling good, ate breakfast drinking coffee and within a few minutes she was limp in the chair where she sat, then passed away in the ambulance..That quick! It is sad.

Your elbow looks really good! Healing nice..yay!!

marshasblog said...

Love the new specs!! Your arm is looking better too...thank the Lord!!

~Chunky Butt~ said...

Love the new glasses!!