Picture from last assembly.

Casie reminded me of this photo. I had forgotten about it. I love Kailee's smile in this. It's so hard to get her to focus on the camera. She'll smile but she'll look off somewhere else. Drives me insane.

I haven't really said much about the girls lately so I think I'll blog about them.

Kailee - she's 3 1/2 going on 17. She is super smart. She says things that shock us on a regular basis. She knows most of her letters. She can spell her name - although sometimes the letters aren't in the right order. She was counting backwards yesterday. We walked into blockbuster the other day to get a movie and look for a game. They had flooded because of all the rain so it had a smell that seemed very familiar but I could not for the life of me think of what it was. Kailee looked at me and said 'Mom, it smells like a motel!' HAHA! It was hilarious. It smelled just like a motel. What's funny is we haven't stayed in a motel since September and that was probably the 3rd motel she's been in in her whole life. She's a mess. She's very wild and needs to be entertained constantly. She torments Madelynn on a regular basis. She's very mischevious. If she's being quiet, you had better go check on her because is more than likely into something. It usually involves Madelynn - like putting glitter glue on her eyelids. UGH!

Madelynn - she's 1 1/2 and the complete opposite of Kailee. Kailee was talking VERY well before she was 1. Madelynn, on the other hand, doesn't want to say much of anything. I've heard that children who keep a pacifier are more likely to grunt and whine to get what they want instead of talk. Maybe that's what it is. Kailee gave up her pacifier at 6 months. Madelynn still has hers. She is talking more now than she was a month ago. It's funny to hear her talk because she only says the first half of all her words. It's so cute though! She's starting to say more than one word at a time now too. Yesterday, she said 'Da, whe-ah-you?' (Dad, where are you?) She also says 'uh oh, fah-ah! (uh oh, fall off!) If it's just her and I in the house, she will crawl up in the recliner with me and just sit there quietly, watching tv, until someone comes back in the house to stir her up. She has always been a great sleeper. Again, the opposite of Kailee - who still doesn't sleep through the night. Kailee also wasn't potty trained until she was 2 1/2. I believe Madelynn's ready now, we just don't have a potty in here yet. Kailee didn't want to let go of her bottle until she was almost 3. Madelynn hasn't had a bottle since she was probably 9 months old. She was never really attached to it. Even though, Madelynn doesn't talk much, she understands everything we say and can follows commands well.

I'm very proud of both of my girls and how smart they are.

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Vic said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! I long for the day I can spend all of heaven with my family!!!!!!!!!

The Middle J said...

They even look different- both so adorable though- do they get along well?

Valerie said...

Yep, know what you mean about the girls being different. Seth and Caleb were like that. Seth walked,talked,off the bottle,potty trained all vefore he was 2 years old. Caleb on the other hand..well, he still can't talk right..lol I am kidding, he just took his time with things and he still does!

Now Jacob on the other hand is completely different than Seth and Caleb were. Go figure.

It is a mystery! lol

Valerie said...

Oh, after all the reading I forgot about commenting on the pic. It is a cute pic and kailee has a cute little smile too!

Who is the baby with her? I know it is not Madelynn right?

Erika J. said...

Jenna- they get along as long as Kailee wants them to. HAHA!

Valerie - that isn't Madelynn. i can't remember her name.

carie said...

Haha I liked this blog! The girls crack me up. Maddy is just sooo cute and Kailee is hilarious. It was so funny the day I babysat with them because I kept goofing around saying crazy stuff and Kailee would just look at me and roll her eyes and say "Casie your silly" haha just like a teenager!

She kept calling me Casie and I kept saying my names Carie! And she'd say 'I knoooow' and then she'd call me CasieCarie and laugh about it.