Well, at least it's not just me.

I have so many ailments that I'm always afraid to talk about them because I don't want to be perceived as a hypochondriac. When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, I thought for sure she would tell me that she didn't see anything wrong with my eye. My right eye has been driving me insane!

Sure enough, there's a problem with my right eye. HA! She said it looks like someone sprayed something in my eye. She asked me if I had been around paint or anything. I told her no and I don't remember spraying anything in my eye for that matter. I told her that I've never had any allergy issues with my eye and really, I didn't start having problems until I started wearing contacts. We never really come to any kind of conclusion as to what the problem with my eye is but it's definitely irritated. So, I have to do drops during the day and liquigel at night. We are treating it as dry eye right now.

I told her that I have RA and she that could be the issue. She said her mom has RA and has an additional disease (don't remember the name) that causes extremely dry eyes and it's related to her RA.

Other than that, my prescription hasn't changed. YEAH! It's been the same since I started wearing glasses in 2003. I got 2 awesome pairs of glasses. They've already called today to tell me that one pair has arrived. My orange pair! WOOHOO! I'll wear them when I take pictures of my new hair tomorrow. WOOHOO!

Still unsure about what I'm going to do to the color of my hair. If you go back to the haircut photo I posted before I got my hair cut off, I really like the color in it. Hang on and I'll post it again. I have to resave it since I'm on a new laptop...

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Valerie said...

Mike wore contacts back in the day and I remember he got an eye infection and had to do the same thing. Weird though, cause if he was out having a good time and a contact came out, he would dip it into his drink ( which was probably beer ) and then pop it back in his eye..lol I know you are not doing that, but something bout the contacts..I am scared of them..ha!

Has your hair grown out since the last style? I am curious as to how the nest one will look. Take pics!