Our latest pet.

Meet Spartacus
Well, sorta.
This is not our's
I pulled this off of google images but it looks identical so good enough.

A lady that works with Lance always manages to bring us any random animal she finds. Her cat brought the squirrel into her house today so she brought it to Lance. Well, she brought HIM to Lance. He is so cute! We are going to raise him as long as we can.

I found a very detailed site about raising squirrels so hopefully we can keep him alive. He appears to be about 5 weeks old. The website said that any kind of contact from a cat needs to be treated with antibiotics. Even if the cat just breathed on him. So we have to get some septra and give it to him for a week. He will also need a tetnus shot which is the only disease that squirrels can carry.

I hope we have success with him. My niece, Carie said that she has a friend at work that has a pet squirrel and he brings him to work on his shoulder. HA!

What a cool pet. Pray for the little guy!

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Kasey said...

awwwwwwww, how cute! praying.

marshasblog said...

How cute!!

ღ.Gracie.ღ said...

I forgot to tell you, our squirrel's name was Peanut Butter. =] She would sit on my lap and I would feed her peanuts! Dangerous, I know, since we didn't raise her from a baby. God was definitely taking care of me in my stupidity!