So it's been awhile...

I go through phases when it comes to blogging. Hey, I go through phases when it comes to just about anything. Ha! Sometimes I feel like blogging daily, sometimes I could care less if I ever blog again.

I can't believe April is almost over. Tomorrow is the last day of the month. I turned 27 on the 8th. We celebrated Easter the next weekend and then the weekend of the 17th, I made a trip to TN.

My trip to TN was alot of fun. We had alot planned and it made for a very tiring weekend but it was worth it. We made it into town in time for church Wednesday. Thursday, we called Sis. Viv about taking the kids to meet her dog, Lady. After that, we did a little shopping before meeting Jodi for dinner. I hadn't seen Jodi since 2006. I couldn't believe it had been that long. Way too long for sure. While at the restaurant, Madelynn busted her lip on the concrete slab table. It was a nasty, bloody mess. We think her tooth went through her top lip. Her lip was so swollen. Poor baby. After dinner with Jodi, we went to spend some time with my dad.

Friday was spent preparing for my mom's 50th birthday party. It was a success! I spent a little more time with my dad Saturday and then Saturday evening was spent with some of my best friends at my very own birthday party. Emily was a great host! Thank you Emily for being such a great friend! The party was 80's themed and although not everyone participated, it was ALOT of fun! Sunday morning was of course, church and then we had to head home so Lance could be at work Monday morning. I hate when we have to leave following Sunday morning service because in my opinion, Sunday afternoons are meant for napping not traveling and I'm always SOOOOOOO sleepy.

Well, I think that catches everyone up on a few things. I'm sleepy and already tired of typing so bye for now!

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