GA Fair

If any of my TN friends have ever been to the TN state fair, or even the Wilson County Fair, the GA fair totally puts those to shame. This fair is HUGE. 5 times bigger than any other fair I've been to.

Lance got off a little after 12 today, we got ready and loaded up for the 30 minute ride to Perry, GA. Kailee was very excited to be going to the fair. We made sure to tell her over & over that if we were going to pay for the tickets, she was NOT going to chicken out and not ride anything.

After buying tickets, which were $1.00 a piece(!), we scanned the rides and decided what was worth forking our tickets over for. I paid $20 for 22 tickets. Each ride averaged 3 tickets. We gradually figured out that Madelynn couldn't ride ANYTHING (due to height restrictions) except the carousel. Major bummer. Lance went down a big slide with Kailee and Madelynn was not happy to be waiting on the outside.

We had to convince Kailee to only ride/do things ONCE. It was such a rip off. Kailee was just under the line to be able to do things alone. Next year she should be over the line - but this year she fell on the 'must have an adult ride too' category. Grr. And to top it off, they wanted 3 tickets from Lance/Me too! COME ON! Do they really think we get a thrill out of kiddie rides? Certainly not. Those people are making a fortune, which I guess is the point.

Typically, we have no problem going past all the random vendors who insist YOU NEED to win a prize for your children. Well, there was this very witty guy who was guessing weight/age/birth month. I thought, okay, I'm a pretty curvy girl but I'd like to think I hold my weight well so I think I can trick him. He was soooooooo close but I got him. I was a little offended that he got so close but I set myself up for it so I'll deal. Haha. When I approached the scale, he said 'you know you're not small but you got it all.' HAHA. I like that. :)

After I won Kailee a cheap sword, Madelynn got a little upset she didn't have anything so Lance let him guess his weight. He got Lance! So of course, we had to try again for Madelynn's sake. The guy said even if he was wrong, he'd let Madelynn have whatever she wanted. We let him guess her birth month and he got it. He was good! We chatted with him a little bit because he was a friendly guy and then thanked him for ripping us off and were on our way. Haha.

I couldn't leave the fair without getting a funnel cake so once I got that, I was ready to head home. After 4 hours, it was getting a little chilly and the wind was a little brutal.

Tonight will be our first night using the heat. I think it's supposed to be 45.

I made a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup earlier today. It seems like the perfect night for it.

Well, hope you all have a great weekend!
That's all from me for now. Until next time...

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Vic said...

Remember how much I loved the fair in Perry, ha!

Deep fried whole potatoe, corn on the cob, funnel cake, cotton candy and on and on...It was clean, parking was great and I would love to go again...(makes a mental note of the last fair consequences)

Gracie said...

I am so jealous! Our fair was fun, but yours sounds awesome- and $1 tickets?! Good grief! So fun. :)

Meg said...

I've never been to a county fair, or any fair for that matter. Alaska has a state fair but from what I hear it's about the same size as most county fairs. I just don't want to have to pay the $$. Of course, I really don't care about the rides, I'd go to the exhibits.. those sound cool!

I'll tell you what I REALLY want to go see.. a corn maze!
That's on my list of things to do before I die.. or get so old that I can't!

Kasey said...

i love fairs. sadly, this year, I didn't go to one. To me, Wilson Co Fair in Lebanon, is the perfect size. The one here is pretty huge, and I just got lazy and didn't want to brave the crowds! :) I miss the demolition derbies...:) Glad you had a good time!!