I thought it was winter time?????

Did we skip Winter? I totally missed it. It was 70 degrees yesterday and today, we have a tornado watch. CRAZY! Absolutely crazy! If it's 70 degrees on Christmas, I'm going to be really disappointed. It doesn't snow here as it is. I'd at least like for it to be cold.

Everyone help me pray it snows while we're in TN. Seriously. I really want y'all to help me pray. Everytime I have prayed for snow, it's snowed! It can happen again. I really want my kids to see snow since it never snows here. Snow is such an awesome thing for a child. Kailee really wants to build a snowman. If you pray hard enough, maybe will get snowed in up there for an extended visit. Haha.

Moving on...

I had an appointment to get more cavities filled yesterday. The last time I had some filled, I had no trouble. When the numbness wore off, I felt no pain. Well, this time is different. My jaw is killing me! My cheek is sore too at the injection site. UGH! I was miserable most of the night. I really hope the soreness wears off soon. It's probably due to me having such terrible jaw joints anyway and having to lay there with my mouth open for an extended period of time just aggravated the issue.

So, 3 things to pray for. No tornados, snow for our TN trip and my jaw!

Now stop reading and start praying!


5 folks had something to say.:

Vic said...

I can't tell you what I have been praying for in secret, but we shall see!!!!


If we pray in secret he will reward us openly!

Amanda Bull said...

It stormed here last night, too. It was weird. The day before it was freezing, yesterday it was warm and stormy, and today it's freezing. Crazy!

Kasey said...

I get very very sore after fillings as well. It just aches. :(

Valerie said...

The time is near..I think that is why the weather is acting like this.

Oh, I want snow!!! Yes, pray for snow, I hope it does for Kailee.

Hope you are feeling better today with your jaw.

How is Lance's leg? I meant to ask if it is cleared up yet. Hope so!

Emmy said...

i can't WAIT for spring to be here, and it isnt even winter yet.
i suppose i can pray for snow... but only the part of TN you'll be in.
i hope its like. 70 here. =]