update on my jaw & lance's knee.

The dentist's assistant was nice enough to call me yesterday morning and check on me. I told her of my pain and she said sometimes it takes awhile for it to clear up so they called again this morning to see if it was any better. I thought that was sweet. I really like the staff there. Especially the girl that cleans my teeth. She is super sweet and we've kinda bonded. I love going in and seeing her. We always make sure to say hi to each other.

My jaw is a little better. I'll just chalk it up to having really bad jaw joints and having to sit there with my mouth stretched open because it stiffens up at night but gets better during the day. My cheek, however, is still hurting. It feels like she hit it with the drill. It hurts pretty bad so I'm trying to not obsessively check it with my tongue.

After the 2 shots Lance got in the booty and the antibiotics he was taking orally, his knee slowly got better. It's all cleared up but he still complains of some soreness. I hope this is the last of the staph infections but something tells it isn't. He works around it daily and he told me several other people that work there have had staph infections. YUCK! As long as he stays away from me and the kids then everything will be okay. I think he's crazy for wanting to risk his health working around such conditions but that's up to him.

Anywho... enough from me for now. Hope everyone has a good day!

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Valerie said...

Thanks for the update!
Lance better watch it, it sounds a lot like what is going around and more might pop up.

Glad you are feeling a little better. : )

Valerie said...

Oh,just noticed the pic of Kailee and the snowman! How cute!! You have a bunch more pics you are holding out on don't you? lol