Quick One.

I'm about to head to my hair appointment. After my hair appointment, I will go to my colonic.

New hair. New digestive system. Go me!

I will do my best to get some photos up of my hair. I loooooathe pictures of myself. I could take 100 and find something wrong with all 100 of them and not post a single one so if I can bring myself to take a picture of my hair and post it on here, then I will do that. :)

Fortunately for you all, there will be no photos of the colonic. HAHA! I told Lance to come video it but he wouldn't. I was willing. Of course, it would've been tastefullly done. Anywho... I will post about that this evening as well.

Some random occurrences since my last post...

We signed Kailee up for WeeBall. If any of you think you could make it for her first game, please do so! She would LOVE that. I don't know the dates yet but it'll be this spring.

Madelynn slammed Kailee's bedroom door and it grazed across the top of Kailee's big toe. It pulled her nail up half way. It's laying down now and we're keeping bandaids on it but her nail is definitely going to come off. She doesn't want me messing with it. She just recently started letting me put a clean bandaid on it every now and then. It's soggy and stinky. She won't let it air out or dry out. UGH! The brief time she had the bandaid off, she hit it and it started bleeding. PRAY FOR HER TOE PLEASE!

After the toe indicent, she jammed her pointer finger and now it looks like it's going to come off - the nail, not her finger. She has jammed it several times since the first time. What is it about us that once we do something to ourselves, we manage to do it a hundred more times? Like biting your jaw. I HATE THAT!

Okay, Lance is here. I gotta go to my appointment.

Don't forget Tam! If my hair is jacked up, I'm blaming YOU!

2 folks had something to say.:

Vic said...

Glad you are making positive changes...We all need to do so! We want to see your hair even if you don't want to show it...lol!!! No thanks on the colonic pics...

carie said...

haha. I can't to come see Kailee play! Is Lance helping coach?