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The past several days, I have felt more myself. I have times where I feel really tired but other than that, I think I'm back in full swing. Well, whatever full swing is for a one-armed person.

The pain has pretty much subsided except for sorness of ligaments, tendons and muscles that haven't been used fully in several years. The itching of the incision is enough to drive one mad. I cannot wait to get these staples out! I've had my bandage off several times even though they tell you not to take it off just so I can scratch! I noticed last night that I have a green discharge. I hope that's normal. I think it's because my staples are past due on coming out and my skin is trying to grow around the staples. GRR! I'd call about coming in tomorrow instead of Tuesday but my appointment is 8am Tuesday morning so I'll just wait.

I've been to the last 2 weeball practices of Kailee's. I'm not sure if she's going to stick with it or not. I think she is easily bored and since there are several kids on her team, she's not quite entertained enough. We will at least get her jersey and photo taken. Team photos are Saturday so after that, if she decides she doesn't want to go to anymore games, we will just stop going. I'm sure it won't be the first time she decides she doesn't like something.

The weather has been crazy. As you can see in a previous post, it snowed a week ago. Today, it's at least 80. I'm glad Kailee got to build a snowman. As much as I like warm weather, I'd appreciate it if we could experience Spring instead of skipping it altogether and going right into Summer. Again, crazy weather!

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Karen said...

I'm no medical professional but I don't think green ooze is a good thing.

Valerie said...

I had green ooze after after staples from the c-section. I called the doc, cause it scared me he said it was fine..I would not worry about the ooze.lol

Kailee and weeball..I would do what you are doing and have her pics taken first. Got to have the pic. I want to see it.

At least you got snow this time, cause we sure didnt..I am glad Kailee got to see and play in the snow..