Just bust a.... Arm!

I had my staples taken out Thursday as you read previously. I traded the staples for tape. Well, after sticking to everything and losing most of the tape by Saturday, I figured everything would be okay. WRONG! My arm started busting open. ICK!

So I've traded my tape for butterfly bandaids.

My father in law pieced me back together and I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow. When I went in to pick up the bandaids, I let the pharmacy doctor look at it and he said it looks like it needs stitches. Niiiiiiiiiice!

O-well. Life happens.

I'll update when I find out what they're going to do.

4 folks had something to say.:

LaDonna said...

They probably should have put butterflies on to begin with. We are still keeping you in our prayers. Love you.

Montgomery's said...

Wow, that looks painful. One reason why I didn't do nursing school! Hope things get better for you.

My mother-in-law used vitamin E oil pills for her scares. She would stab a hole in the pill and sqeeze the oil out. Her scars look great.

carie said...

oh geez that makes me cringe!

Tammi said...

OUCH! Hope it isn't as painful as it looks.